Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle, Part 2

Writing this from Bogota, Colombia I am pretty happy. Why you may ask? Because no more damn jungle... at least for awhile.

Leaving the jungle and going down the Amazon was well...boring. I was treated to an amazing sunrise...but the fast boat we took was basically like an airplane ride for ten hours...except instead of stewardess there were these fat old guys and instead of comforts of temperature control and inflight entertainment, there was jungle heat , stifling and oppressive and for entertainment the boat occasionally ran over a giant log that caused the boat to shudder. Not sure if the slow cargo boat would have been better...probably just best to get out of the jungle as soon as we could.

After the boat ride and checked through immigration in Peru and Colombia, we found ourselves in Leticia, Colombia. I will write more about Colombia later, but initial impression is this place is great. I hear of dangers and armed robberies, so need to be careful, but compared with Peru seems to be a more developed country. Not saying this as a slight to Peru, but seems Peru is heavy on tourism, whereas Colombia has a more diversified economy... But hell what do I know.

(I wanted to throw in a Rick James quote "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"...but this is not the Colombia I have seen so far and I sense the people here don't want to be associated with this. Probably it brought in money in the past, maybe still bringing in today, but there is no way what I am seeing is built on drug money. I have read stories about what cocaine has done to these countries...especially in the rural towns and it is society ruiner, not a source of prosperity.)

I feel bad this is such a bad sequel post. I will try and get into some more shenanigans soon.

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